• Anxiety, Panic, Worry
  • Depression

I work with adults struggling with anxiety and depression. Sometimes that looks like panic or difficulty making decisions, other times it feels like walking through quicksand to get out of bed in the morning. Through understanding and re-learning our thought process, we will create space for hope and positive feelings. We will work together to gain insight, increase empathy, and create your own toolbox of coping techniques.

  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem

I understand that relationships with ourselves and others can be complicated and confusing. Our process will lead you to discover a path that feels right, leaving insecurities behind and shifting towards clarity and confidence with the next chapter of yourself. Our relationship will serve as a blueprint for a healthy, safe, and secure attachment.

  • Eating Disorders
  • Body Image Issues
  • Body Dysmorphia

I specialize in working with those struggling with disordered eating and body image concerns. This experience might look like chronic dieting, avoiding or restricting food intake, binge eating, excessive exercise, binge restrict or binge purge cycles, obsessive food thoughts, or body checking. I work through a lens of weight inclusivity and lean on Health at Every Size Theory and a Non-Diet Approach. Through awareness, understanding, compassion, and movement we will navigate this struggle together.

  • Runners
  • Perfectionism

I work extensively with runners and have a unique understanding of the runner mentality. The same drive that serves us so well on the road, can look like painful self-talk, black and white thinking, and perfectionism in other areas of our lives. We will work together to reflect on this, so that we may reconnect to the head clearing escape, the freedom, the joy, the vitality, and the strength that running can bring us.

  • Trauma
  • Grief, Loss

My practice is from a trauma-focused lens and I have advanced training in both trauma and grief work. I understand and appreciate the layers of trauma and loss. This may be developmental pain and sadness from our younger years. These may be experiences that took place later on in life. Our time on this earth is mixed with suffering and joy. I will sit with your sadness, your trauma, your grief- we will work through this together. I will serve as a compassionate, consistent human to attach to as we journey through this.


As a LGBTQIA+ therapist, I am knowledgeable about all gender identities and sexual orientations. Whether you have just begun this journey or this has long been part of your world, the road to understanding and acceptance is filled with peaks and valleys. I understand both the struggles those in the queer community face and the beauty of rainbow sexualities. We will work together to empower you and to embrace your full self.

  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Physical Symptoms

I believe in a holistic approach and am attentive to the mind-body connection. Sometimes we can better attend to our body's discontentment by understanding our thoughts and feelings. I am skilled in meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and coping techniques and integrate these into my practice enabling you to take these skills and reflections with you.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

I offer a thoughtful and effective approach to those struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We will work to impact change, alleviate symptoms, and better understand and sit with distressing feelings; as well as create space for the positive ones.

  • Perinatal, Maternal, Motherhood

I work largely with moms. This might mean holding space for the hope of pregnancy, navigating the new experience of motherhood, or riding the waves of being a parent. I will provide an extra layer of support to you- the hopeful, expecting, and everyday mom.

  • Couples
I have guided countless couples to greater understanding, improved communication, and a stronger connection. My practice is strongly influenced by the Gottman Method. Through assessment, research-based interventions, and empathy we will work to repair, rebuild, and strengthen your relationship. Our work together will cultivate hope and connection.

My Approach

I understand that the best therapy happens when you and your therapist are a great fit. I practice an eclectic approach founded on Attachment Theory and integrating Psychodynamic Theories, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy through a Trauma-Focused lens. My practice is grounded in thoughtfulness, warmth, and compassion. I believe in the healing power of animals and my bulldog, Olive, joins us for sessions.

I offer:

  • Flexibility with scheduling.
  • In person and telehealth sessions.
  • Therapy to individuals in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

26 Court Street, Suite 409
Brooklyn, NY 11242
(917) 226-4546

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